12 November 2008

YEAH. one step closer

So I've done i've picked and purchased my gown... lalalala... because you ALL know how much I LOVE to shop :-P I was dreading the gown shopping.  I just don't like close shopping in general but after a bad first dress shopping experience where I was abandoned in the dressing room in a dress that I couldn't get off on my own.  Yeah, that was fun... but thankfully the subsequent trips were much better.  Sooooooooooo last week I found a dress I really really really really really like :) soooooooooooooooooo Today I ordered it ... YEAH... Wedding gown... you should DEFINITELY ask my sister to sing you the wedding gown song (yes, yes, she DOES have a song for everything) :)  haahahahaa YEAH GOWN!!!

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