24 December 2008

Registering is an odd experience

So, we made a big push at the whole registering thing... it's just about the oddest part of the whole wedding experience to date.  I mean, we went shopping for our future home which we don't have yet :) but at the end of the day after hours of "shopping", my truck is empty and my feet are killing me.

Both registry places said we didn't register for enough stuff but how much STUFF do two people need... that and they count screwy... if I register for 6 plates that should count as 6 things :-P or maybe it does, I need to look at that again.

But don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, it was fun to pick stuff out and figure out color coordination stuff (thank god Steve and I agree on that sort of stuff... lord knows what would have happened if he tried to bring pink into my home :) hahaha).

But it's done, one more check on the checklist.  Now we just get to tweak it from the comfort of our home and the internet... yeah, internet.

So now, we get to turn loose the fam and friends so they can happily shop... whoo hoo!

Merry Christmas!!!! :)

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