30 March 2009

100 Truths

~ last beverage: diet coke

~ last phone call: a site contact I was going to visit in the field

~ last text message: Anouk

~ last song you listened to: i'm yours by Jason Mraz

~ last time you cried: this weekend :-P



~ dated someone twice: no

~ been cheated on: yes

~ kissed someone and regretted it: yes

~ lost someone special: thankfully no

~ been depressed: yes

~ been drunk: that would be a yeah



~ Royal Blue (ala Duke Blue)

~ Red (ala crayon red)

~ Green (ala "new" green, that green when a plant is just peeking out of the dirt)



~ made new friends: yes, as in move friends from the acquaintance category to friend.

~ fallen out of love: no

~ laughed until you cried: absolutely

~ found out who your tru friends are:  yes, in both the good and bad way

~ met someone who changed you: not yet but the year is still young

~ found out someone was talking about you: yeppers

~ kissed anyone on your friends list: no


~ how many kids do you want to have:  2

~ do you have any pets: no

~ do you want to change your name:  will be doing so in just a few months

~ what did you do for your last birthday: had a BBQ in the park with my friends and soon to be family

~ what time did you wake up today: 6:00 am

~ what were you doing at midnite last nite: sleeping?  not sure... i don't look at the clock too much at night

~ name something you cannot wait for:  the closing of escrow for my condo

~ last time you saw your father: January 2009

~ what is one thing you wish you can change about your life:  I'm actually pretty good right now

~ what are you listening to right now:  the keys on the keyboard as I'm typing

~ what's getting on your nerves right now:  the mortage loan process :) but it's getting better

~ what's your real name: Paola Gómez ... soon to be Paola Gómez-Birenbaum :-P

~ relationship status: engaged... to be married in 110 days :)

~ zodiac sign: Sagittarius

~ male or female: female

~ elementary school: St. Brendan's

~ high school: Paramus Catholic Regional High School

~ hair color: brown

~ long or short: long, growing it out for the wedding

~ height: 5'6"

~ do you have a crush on someone:  does Clive Owen count?  hahahahhaha

~ what do you like about yourself:  my drive

~ piercings: 2 (one in each ear)

~ tattoos: 0

~ left handed or right handed: right handed



~ surgery: tonsils at age 4 or 5

~ piercings: I was a couple of months old.

~ tattoo: N/A

~ best friend: Melissa Flores

~ sport you joined: Cheerleading (it IS a sport :-P )

~ pet: a dog

~ vacation: Colombia

~ concert: New Kids on the Block, oh yeah, baby :-P

~ crush: Chris in the second grade... he liked to yank on my pigtails :)

~ alcohol drink: aguardiente



~ eating: muffaletta panini from Paninis

~ drinking: diet coke

~ i'm about to: get back to work after my lunch hour

~ listening to:  he keys on the keyboard

~ waiting for: 5pm so we can go check out a restaurant for a potential rehearsal dinner location.

~ want kids: yeppers

~ want to get married:  just about to

~ careers in mind: Queen of Environmental Geology :-)  I think they still have an opening for that....



~ kissed a stranger: no

~ drank hard liquor: yes

~ lost glasses/contacts: Broken--plenty, lost--no

~ sex on the first date:  I plead the 5th :)

~ had your heart broken: yes

~ been arrested: no

~ turned someone down: yes

~ cried when someone died: yes

~ liked a friend that's a girl:  as more than a friend, no.



~ first thing you notice: how they walk around all of the time without shirts on :-P

~ hugs or kisses: both

~ shorter or taller: taller

~ older or younger: younger ... hey my guy is younger :)

~ romantic or spontaneous: both

~ nice smile or nice eyes: both

~ tattoos or piercings: neither

~ sensitive or loud: sensitive

~ hook--up or relationship: relationship



~ yourself: yes

~ miracles: yes

~ love at first sight: yes

~ heaven: yes

~ santa: back in the day

~ kissing on the first date: yes



~ is there one person you want to be with right now: no

~ had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at onetime: no

~ do you believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yes

~ what's the one thing you cannot live without: Air :-P

~ what song describes your life: at any given moment it's  a different song... but for this moment I would say Superwoman by Alicia Keys.

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