07 June 2009

The Mountain of Little Things

Now that we have all of the big things covered:  location, cake, photag, DJ, gown, (Steve's even going today to go to look at suits)... now it's onto the mountain of the "little things"... we have our guestbook (check), placecards and favors (check), cake topper (check) and now we're just looking into the ring pillows, pens (for the guestbook), table markers, music list for the DJ, seating chart, random accessories for me and Steve, gifts for the folks who have been super super generous and wonderful to us, marriage license (not a little thing but it's on the "random" to do list).... so with just about a month to go (AHHHH!) we're getting it done... Yeah...

We're going to have a super cool yo party... yeah... now if I could only finish unpacking all of the boxes in the computer room...

ah well, baby steps, baby steps :)

Happy Sunday!

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