05 July 2010

Adventures in the "Funny" Shoes

I have pretty much worn my "funny" shoes (as folks seem to call them) every day for over a week.  Obviously, five finger shoes are not OSHA approved for job sites, so I did wear my steel toe boots during working hours for 2 days.  I'm definitely getting better and faster at getting them on in the mornings, which is  a good thing.  I'm also getting used to the various comments and questions about the shoes.

I went shopping with my mom- and sister-in-law over the weekend.  Lots of little kids would point and giggle.  It makes sense, they are small and are a lot closer to my feet than anyone else.  A couple of salefolk asked questions about whether or not they were comfortable.  One saleslady went so far as to show me her feet and ask if I thought she should wear them.  First of all, I am not a podiatrist.  Second, she should probably go see a podiatrist.  Lastly, seriously? You are going to ask a stranger for foot advice?  Well she did and I let her know that although I enjoy them, they aren't for everyone.

My favorite had to be my two-year old nephew who likes to crouch in front of my feet and put his fingers in between the toes of the shoes before playing "piano" on the toes.  Granted, I let him do this because he's my nephew and, come on, he's two.  Lord knows what would happen if some stranger kid went for my feet.

So yes, I'm enjoying them.  Yes, folks think they are odd.  Yes, I'm quite comfortable with folks thinking I am odd.  I'm pretty much used to it by now.

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