04 August 2010

P90X- 1 month in

So I was thinking to myself.... "Hey, its been about a month since I started P90X, how am I doing?"  To be fair, I wasn't able to do it every day as I had wanted to but I am back on track this past week and hope to stay on track for the next 90 days (particularly because of the Halloween Challenge).  Regardless, taking a good look at myself... what have I accomplished in the last month.

  1. I have lost 4 lbs in the last four weeks (A pound a week is the pace my doctor recommended I NOT go over.  I am definitely on track for that).

  2. I have to wear a belt with each and every pair of pants/jeans/shorts that I own.  Makes be happy but at the same time, I need a greater variety of belts.

  3. I can finally do the entire first half of Ab Ripper X without needing a break.  The first time I did it, I couldn't even get through the first 25 reps of the first of 11 moves... to me this is a BIGGIE :)

Some things to work on... I still CAN'T do a Dreya roll to save my life or Crane... don't even get me started on crane.  Apparently I'm not the only one who struggles with the roll.  This guy makes the roll look easy too but I keep getting stuck on the bottomThen there's this guy who's girlfriend/wife is wandering around while he's in crane.  I'm thinking that my goal for this month is going to be 1 Dreya Roll and atleast 5 seconds in Crane.  We'll see :)

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  1. 4 lbs in four weeks is amazing, girl! ::high fives:: I am so proud of you!