19 November 2010

Round 2, T-minus 1 day

Yes. Yes. This was supposed to be my rest day but it's hard to turn down the opportunity to work in a group so there has been some more shuffling of the schedule.

The important thing with Cardio X is to remember to eat.  They talk about it in the video itself.  Tip of the day for Cardio X: Make sure to eat enough.  I got up early so that I could make sure to eat a full breakfast (Kashi Go Lean with a banana and almond milk) about an hour before I started.  Yep, I got up early just to eat breakfast.  In the past when I haven't eaten enough I have gotten that tunnel effect feeling moments before completely wonking out. Luckily, I haven't passed out but I would take Tony's warning seriously, if you are pushing yourself hard in this workout you need to make sure there are enough calories in you for your body to use.  It's a great start to the day and is one of my favorite videos because it has a bit of everything in it.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="280" caption="Cardio X"][/caption]

Today’s Workout
Day: T-minus 1 day
Program: P90X
Workout: Cardio X
Length: 1 hour
Time: Morning
Place: Allan/Thomas'
Buddies: Allan and Thomas and one of the cats was hanging out for a while doing some odd yoga moves :)

Tomorrow's Workout: Rest/Stretch.

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