29 December 2010

Day 5 of Operation Dry Condo

So we're on our 5th day (6th if you count Xmas Eve) of trying to dry out our condo post-mean-upstairs-lady-clothes-washer-snafu (and she said that we were over-reacting over a "little bit of water" HA!).  I'm taking a turn with the contractors.  Steve has been meeting with them every day so I am doing my part so he can relax at home.  Good news:  our ceilings have no asbestos.  Bad news:  our ceilings now have two big holes in them to help expedite the drying process. Well, technically, they are still working on the second hole but you know what I mean.  Good news:  having big holes will mean we get to come home earlier.  Bad news:  the big holes must be fixed before we can come home.  We're getting there.  Slowly, surely, we will get back home :) 

So I am now just waiting until they finish up so that I can head on "home" (ala hotel) and maybe get some rest before my last day of work of the year... WHOO HOO! 

Stay dry, everyone! 

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