02 August 2011

The Veggie Report has become a Fruit Report (Week 33)

BabyCenter says pineapple! 
TheBump says honeydew! 
So apparently both BabyCenter.com and TheBump.com have temporarily left behind the veggie scale and are back to a fruit scale.  Apparently, I'm carrying around a honeydew/pineapple baby.  It definitely feels like I'm carrying around a pineapple.  I am definitely moving around a lot slower lately.

I'm still making it around okay but I'm absolutely glad that I have my evenings at home again.  Don't get my wrong: I learned a lot in the class and the folks were interesting but there is something to say for getting to couch it for a few hours after work at night.  Steve was super sweet last night and had dinner ready for us as soon as I walked in the door.  Yeah, torta/quiche (still trying to figure out what the difference is between a torta and a quicke - not that is matters too much, it was super tasty!)!

And so I'm off to our Baby Class and then trying to get as much sleep as the fruit baby will let me!  Just a couple more weeks to go... WHOO HOO!

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