26 November 2011

In the quiet of the night... getting Chrismukkah started this year

As Steven is asleep and Maxwell is fading fast after his midnight feeding, I find a quiet moment to myself this holiday weekend.  I could be lazy and just watch some backlogged NCIS or finish the book that I'm sure is over due at the library.  But no, I try to be productive in the wee hours of the night that I've stolen away.  Thankfully, internet shopping is my forte.  Most of my Christmas shopping is complete and I even started on some of my Chanukkah shopping as well.

Steve has decided he doesn't like calling our fabulous hybrid holiday Chrismukkah and is vying for Chanumas instead.  Yeah, right!  For Chanukkah last year I got "Chrismukkah: Everything You Need to Know to Celebrate the Hybrid Holiday" by Ron Compertz.  I'm looking through to see which recipes I want to try out this year.  Matza Pizza sounds good and I might even try to make some latkes this year.  Thankfully, Christmas falls right in the middle of Chanukkah this year.  Last year, I got caught unawares when I realized it was the first week of December.

So off to the stores, to get Maxwell a stocking, candles for our menorah, some new ornaments for the tree we will be getting, and of course, the tree itself.  Yeah, I love December!  Lots of fun holidays!  If only it would snow for just a little bit then it would be perfection!


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