19 November 2011

My MisAdventure in Domestic Life

Those of you who know me, know that I'm not the most domestic of folks around.  To be honest, Steve is the one who keeps our home well fed and clean :) Since I'm home with the wiggly one I've been trying to do more of the cleaning and a bit more of the cooking.  I do lots of laundry (victims of baby spit up along with the cloth diapers) and have an insane time trying to keep all my socks married.  I have a pretty big pile of lonely socks at this point.  I'm sure if I went through that pile, I could reunite most of my lonelies.

But today takes the cake.  Not only did I lose a sock in today's laundry, I lost a shoe between the washer and dryer.  Let me explain.  I'm not a big shoe wearer and love wearing what everyone calls my feet shoes (a pair of black Vibram Five Finger Shoes).  I couldn't really wear them towards the end of my pregnancy because my toes wouldn't fit into each of the individual slots.  Now that my feet are back to normal, I've taken to wearing them as much as I can again.  The great thing about them is that I can just throw them in the wash like socks because they are so lightweight and flexible.  Because of the rubber at the bottom, I don't send them through the dryer.  I emptied out the washer into the dryer to find only one shoe.  I stared and stared into the empty washer thinking "HELLO? Where is the other shoe?" I had to take everything out of the dryer to find the shoe. Everything out of the dryer.  Literally, there was one t-shirt and one sock left in there before I saw the shoe.  It takes some extreme domestic talent to lose a shoe.  It's bad enough that I can't keep my socks together but now my shoes are going missing in the wash.  Oh well, at least I found it and now they are drying outside. Baby steps.  Baby steps towards domestic divahood!  :)

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