19 April 2012

Team BeachBody April Photo Challenge- Day 19 - Old Clothes

All that's left of the old clothes
When I first started losing weight I hung onto my old clothes because I just "knew" that I would be back in those clothes at some point.  I was the queen of the Yo-Yo.  About the time Steve and I started dating I finally took a stand, worked with a doctor and a trainer, and was able to loose a bunch of the weight.  I finally got rid of those clothes almost 4 years later (much to Goodwill's delight).  All that is left is a tiny pile banned to the highest shelf in my closet.  All alone sits the tiny pile. I kept that small pile because it came in handy during my pregnancy.  That's the only reason I keep it around.  So, so long old clothes, I need you no longer... BOUYA!

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