17 April 2012

Team BeachBody April Photo Challenge- Day 17 - Workout Tunes

When I'm in a class, I am pretty much at the mercy of whatever the instructor puts on the sound system.  When it's just me and the elliptical machine, my workout tunes aren't actually tunes at all.  I like to listen to "Books on Tape" while I'm working out.  I guess technically, it's "Books on IPod" but you know what I mean.  The County Library has an awesome collection of Audiobooks you can check out and listen to on your IPod or other MP3 player.  Right now, I'm going through Sue Grafton's books.  I'm up to "H is for Homicide".  I like it because I can make my own rhythm when I work out.  When I have music on I tend to speed up and slow down with the song which isn't always what I want.  I also like it because I can focus on the story and the time just seems to fly by.  So being the self-proclaimed super-nerd that I am, my workout tunes are actually books :) !


  1. That's awesome that you can check them out from the library!

    1. Oh it's super awesome what the library has available. They also have downloadable music and ebooks for Kindle. Never underestimate the library! :) YEAH!