31 October 2013

Seriously, Mall, It's Still October

I understand the feeling of having the holidays sneak up on you. November kicks off a three-month
whirlwind that includes my hubhub's, both parents', sister's, niece's, godmother's, father-in-law's, grandmother-in-law's, and my birthdays (along with some other family and friends' birthdays thrown in the mix). We have my parents' and my sister's anniversaries and, of course, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's. Needless to say, I'm about to be very busy.  It's easy to get overwhelmed and I like to get started early to keep on top of things but there is such a thing as getting started too early.

Christmas has hit the South Bay Galleria
So this week I head to the mall for a random errand day. I almost fell over when I saw the Santa chair set up next to the food court and snowflakes throughout the mall. As an aside, having grown up in NJ, the sight of fake snow and snowflakes in the Los Angeles desert has always been odd to me :-). I did a serious double take and had a slight panic attack as I checked my phone's calendar. Seriously, Mall, we are already decorated for Christmas? It's still OCTOBER. I'm not saying that they were putting up the decorations. They are done. It's a winter wonderland at the mall.  All that was missing was Santa himself but I'm sure he'll be making his appearance very soon.

I get the idea of getting a jump on the holidays but, seriously, can we at least get through Halloween first? We've already lost Thanksgiving to Christmas. Now we are losing Halloween. At this rate Christmas will eventually be year around.  I mean I love this time of year but when did the 12 days of Christmas become the two to three months of Christmas?  Really?

So, even though we seem to be all set for Christmas at the mall, Happy Halloween!

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