08 November 2013

Bonding with the Moms in the Women's Lounge

With a small one as little as our wee one, it's easy to feel trapped in the house to make sure that the feeding/changing/pumping occurs every two to three hours.  At first, I never ventured far from home so that I could get back home to take care of Miss Wee One.  Lately, I've been venturing farther and farther and for longer periods of time. I've been finding out which places do and do not have changing tables and which amazing places have mother's rooms.  I still don't understand how the library does not have a changing table.  (You'd think with all of the storytimes and events for kiddos that there would be at least a changing table.  Nope!) Babies R Us is always a good bet with regards to a mom's room for feeding and changing.  A gem I have found is actually in the South Bay Galleria.  According to the other moms I have met in the Women's Lounge in the Nordstroms of the Galleria (on the third flood), it's the only place in the mall where you can feel a wee one away from public eye.  The few times I've been in there, I have met some pretty fun moms.

I recently hit the lounge on an errand day that ended at the mall.  I met a mom (we never exchanged names) who also had a super wee one (about a month old) and a toddler (just a month shy of 2 years).  For the half hour we were in there together we traded secrets, did the "oh, I get it", and just vented to each other about the desire to hide from our kids so that we can go to the restroom without the audience. It was just nice to chit chat with someone who is in almost exactly the same boat I'm in.  If I ever see this woman ever again, I'll be shocked.  Oddly enough, it probably wouldn't have been as fun an experience if I saw her on a regular basis.  For a short period of time I was able to connect with another human being and it was nice. It took me out the bustle of my errand day and reminded me that too often we whiz past each other without a second thought.

So, ladies, seriously, The Galleria, Nordstom's, third floor - It's a nice and relaxing place to take care of the wee one when you are out and about.

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