26 March 2009

The never ending signing....

I find it amusing that everyone tells me that on the day escrow closes you end up signing your name over and over again for about a half an hour. I actually can't wait for that... I would prefer one massive signing-fest in lieu of the daily odd forms from the bank, from the escrow company, and from the agents. Everyday, I get at least two to three emails from folks "oh, we forgot to give this to you... you need to sign... and return NOW or..." BLAHBLAHBLAH. I have an efficiency-maximizing temperment when it comes to paperwork and it's an odd experience to work with folks for whom this is a foreign concept... :-P so I'm up to three forms today that I have to sign... at least yesterday it was only 2. Who knows how many I'll get tomorrow? At least I'm getting to use my signature to it's max just before it changes over... hahahha, looking for the silver lining... can I see it? hmmmm, just barely.... hahahahahha

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