20 March 2009

There's stress and then there's the "I can't believe all of my hair hasn't fallen out" Stress...

.... oddly I still have all of my hair...


Yes, I'm super excited to get started with my life with Steve and of course, I'm enjoying planning the wedding and house hunting BUT and here's the big BUT ... HOLY CRAP!!! I haven't done laundry in about two weeks which apparently is just on the cusp of how long I can go without doing the laundry... at least Friday's are a bit more casual so I'm not too out of place with my glitter rocker T-shirt :)

I spend all day at work and all night on the phone with vendors and signing more loan papers for escrow. I haven't worked out in two weeks. Luckily I'm not a stress-eater so I haven't gained the 10 lbs I thought I did. only 1lb...whoohoo... Oh and did I mention, Steve's car got totaled so I'm the only one with a car right now... Yeah, I'm in complete shock that half of my hair isn't missing and DON'T get me started on the development of the last two days.

ANYWAYs, we're getting through it, some days I'm surprised it's night already. We're getting it done and it will all be worth it in a month and even more so in four months. We're motoring... catch you all on the other side.

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  1. Great blog.
    The funny thing is that i haven't done any laundry in about 2 weeks either..lol....
    Good luck...and hope the wedding plans are going well...

    all the best.

    keep blogging!