15 February 2010

C25K W2D1 and W2D2

So I've finally made the jump to Week 2 of the C25K. I ran on Thursday and Sunday. I ran Sunday out in the real world instead of on the treadmill. I hit the beach while by HubHub decided to swim in the ocean.  I was a wee bit too cold for me.  I learned that I actually run faster without the treadmill. I had become used to using the controls on the treadmill to manage my walks and jogs.  I wanted to try just running outside and it was a great experience. I will still probably do most of my runs in the gym in the next few weeks. I don't like running in the dark and my work schedule and daylights savings haven't caught up yet to allow me enough day light either before or after work. Soon though. The sun is coming out earlier and heading down later. I'm running and I never would have thought that to be true. HAHA :)

HAHA Me... a runner.... hahahahahahahhahahahahaha hahahahahahahhahaha

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