15 February 2010

The Warrior Dash

So what is all this running about??? Other than the infamous B-O-B? On a completely odd and inspired whim (of course if a whim takes about 3 weeks of thoughts and wondering)...


Yes, I saw and ad for the warrior dash... heard some folks talks about the warrior dask and thought to myself... Yeah, I want to run through mud... I like mud... I AM a geologist... we like to get muddy...

The SoCal Course looks super cool! Sadly, it is sold out :( but I'll be there :) yeah to all my fellow warriors!

So, in April, I will run 3.08 miles and try to get a dirty as I possibly can before wearing my viking helmet and drinking some beer :)  YEAH!


  1. Aw, I'm sorry you weren't able to get in. Maybe next year?

  2. I got in. Unfort some of my friends missed the deadline. I will definitely running the Warrior Dash... can't wait :)