22 November 2010

Added Benefits of the P90X- 45 points down!

As many of you know, my job requires me to be medically monitored annually to check my hearing, eye sight, and blood work among other things.  Yes, it is a great annual joy to have someone stick me, miss the vein, and then root around looking for it about 2-3 times before they finally call the blood bank nurse to take my blood.  This past year, the nurse I had remembered me from last year and tried just once before getting the blood bank lady.  This is the first year I didn't have my whole elbow area turn purple for about a week.

Well after all of that, and waiting around for a few weeks, I finally got my results back and lo and behold, my total cholesterol is down 45 points from my 2009 monitoring. 45 Points, that's craziness! I've also gotten my bad cholestorol down 28 points.  WHOO HOO!  Last year when I got my bloodwork back, the doc said that I had to get serious about my weight and diet which is why I started with the p90X.  I'll be honest, I have been discouraged about my lack of weight loss but now I'm seeing it from a different side.  WHOO HOO, 45 points down!  YEAH! happy dance happy dance!  Now I just have to deal with the fact that my arms are all sore from the pushups in CoreSynergistics and I think I'll have a good day. Yeah!

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