28 November 2010

Round 2, Days 7/8/9 Workout

Whoo hoo!  All caught up and back on schedule. I am seriously sore from about my neck down to my ankles :) Haha. It feels good but at the same times it's made laughing, sneezing, standing, sitting, etc. very interesting.  It feels good to know that I'm using my muscles but at the same time I am realizing how much I lost by taking such a long break in between my two rounds.  I'll get back.  I know I will.

Technically, Day 7 was a rest day but I got plenty of that earlier this week.  But I did another 2 days worth of workouts today to get all caught up.  In lieu of Cardio X, I did the Intervals + workout.  It is some crazy major cardio.  It's one of my favorite cardios 2nd to Kenpo Cardio +.  I also premiered Abs/Core + which is on the same video instead of Core Synergistics.  Unfortunately,  I do not have a pull up bar (yet) but I still wanted to try out the video.  Instead of doing the bar exercises, I substituted one of my "favorite" moves from the previous set.  At some point I'm sure I'll get the bar but for now I'm going to work with what I have.

Today’s Workout
Day: 7/8/9
Program: P90X
Workout: Intervals Plus, Abs/Core Plus
Length: 1 hour and 5 minutes
Time: Evening
Place: Home
Buddies: N/A

Next Workout: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

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