03 December 2010

Round 2, Day 13

So I am keeping with the chugging along, almost done with my first 2 weeks.  Whoo hoo!  I was also having some issues with my previous blog so I moved the site to Blogger and we'll see how this works out.  I'm still getting used to the new format but it's letting me do much more in terms of formatting that I am liking.  We'll see.  So I did do my Legs and Back today, no Ab Ripper X though (I know, I know, I need to incorporate the Ab Ripper X more.  I am ON it!) My dad called in the middle of the workout.  That was fun, trying to explain to him what I was doing.  It's all good- I'm sure he's plenty aware that I am a bit of an odd duck.  So enough with the internet... I'm off to bed so that I can get up early, so that I can have a great Friday morning workout with the Mis-Fits! 

Today’s Workout
Day: 13
Program: P90X
Workout: Legs and Back
Length: 60 minutes
Time: Evening
Place: Home
Buddies: My dad, via the telephone :)

Next Workout: Turbo Fire with the Mis-Fits

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