03 December 2010

Round 2, Day 14

You know me, I give up my Friday rest day whenever Allan and Tom have a Friday morning workout, especially Turbo Fire.  To be fair, I was thinking I was going to skip out this morning, but I was good and stuck it through.  The workout pooped me out from the start but my blood started pumping and I rode the exercise high for most of the morning.  It sometimes just keep good to sweat that much first thing in the morning.  Turbo Fire is definitely on my must-get list and I would recommend it (just keep in mind- there is a lot of choreography and lots of "cheerleader" energy! 

Today’s Workout
Day: 14
Program: Turbo Fire
Workout: Fire 45 EX Class
Length: 45 minutes
Time: Morning
Place: Allan/Tom's
Buddies: One of the cats hung out with us for most of the workout

Next Workout: Total Body +

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