18 January 2011

Orange Picking with the Birenbaums

Steve taking advantage of an orange he "dropped".
We all know how much Steve and I enjoy exploring what Los Angeles has to offer.  This past Saturday we visited the La Verne Heritage Foundation which has an orange and grapefruit grove.  You buy a bag from them and they will lend you orange pickers. They call it the Spring Squeeze.  It's a great afternoon activity, once you get the hang of the orange pickers.  At one point, Steve and Jon just started climbing the trees.  As always, I took a bunch of photos... you can check them out at http://pgobiren.shutterfly.com/1493.  The drive out to La Verne was definitely worth the trip and you can pick from the grove until March.  There were tons of kids, some of whom learned the hard way the the orange peel is not as tasty as the fruit inside.  The Weber House on site is also an interesting look into what life was like in the early 1900s.  I would definitely recommend this spot for a fun afternoon outing.

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