04 January 2011

Round 2, Day 25 (post-major hiatus)

So with the new year started and being back in the house, yesterday I picked up my super duper Round 2 right where I left it off pre-house drowning.  It had been just over a week since my last workout.  The body gets very used to being conditioned on a daily basis and is super quick to lose the momentum if you stop for any extended period of time.  I felt as if I was starting over again.  I picked the Fire 55 EZ class to start me off again, partially because that would have been my next class if we hadn't had the Christmas Eve flooding snafu and partially because EZ is in the name.  I should have started off a bit slower, but alas, at least I learned something.  I lost the stamina and fitness I had been building up.  I felt as if I was working out for the first time again.  I am still glad I did the workout.  I just got my tush handed to me in the process (even with switching to low impact during the first two fire drills).  I'm trying not to get too discouraged and am working towards moving forward.  I'm back on track and super excited to start the new year... WHOO HOO! 

Yesterday's Workout
Day: 25
Program: Turbo Fire
Workout: Fire 55 EZ
Length: 55 minutes
Time: Evening
Place: Home
Buddies: None

Next Workout: Core Synergistics at Allan and Thomas' YEAH!


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