04 January 2011

Round 2, Day 26 and Quest for a Pull up bar


So tonight I got to have my first Mis-Fit Workout of the new year (aren't new years fun? ha!) I got to meet a couple of new folks and see that I'm not the only one that took a few days off for the holiday.  This is a great group and if you are in the Long Beach/South Bay area I would definitely check it out. 

So we started our new year with some CORE.  Nothing like doing a whole mess of push ups and lunges and plenty of Superman/Bananas to get your Core going.  I've been home for about an hour and I can already feel my arms and my abs going all squishy sore.  I can feel my abs and I'm just sitting.  That's how you KNOW that you've worked yourself hard.  I'm feeling good after a good group workout. 

I was doubly excited today because I finally had some time to put together my pull up bar.  Alas, I must have the oddest door frames EVER.  The pull up bar didn't work in any of my door frames.  Some of my frames made a corner that was too close together so the bar didn't sit right in the frame.  One of my door frame has a higher ceiling on one side but of course it's the side with the door in it and so the bar didn't quite work right in that door either.  I even tried the bathroom doorframe but the lip of the frame was so narrow that the bar didn't feel secure.  Alas, I got to pull the whole thing apart and repackage it up to send back to the store.  Still on the lookout for an alternative but I think my door frames are not "standard".  It would definitely help is at least one of my door frames didn't actually have a door in it (I noticed today that's how Allan got his pull up bar to work).  Oh well.  I'll just have to keep on trying.  Oh yeah!

Tonight's Workout
Day: 26
Program: P90X
Workout: Core Synergistics
Length: 60 minutes
Time: Evening
Place: Allan/Thomas'
Buddies: Allan, Thomas, Tyrone, and Ya-Ting

Next Workout: HIIT 20, Fire45EZ

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