03 May 2011

My Fruit Baby

BabyCenter says the Bebé is
 as long as a nanner
So we got to see the Baby yesterday, lots of kicking and waving of arms.  At one point the baby even started poking me and scratching me with the little hand.  The technician said that the wee ones are often trying to feel around, almost like they are trying to feel out their boundaries.  The baby was a bit of a fidgety-butt but considering who the mom is, is anyone really surprised? HA!  The technician and doctor were able to tell the sex of the baby and each asked to make sure what we wanted.  We let them know that we were not interested and so they changed the picture and moved on.  It's a bit of an odd experience to know that someone out there knows even though I don't.  Oh well.

TheBump says the wee one
is cantaloupe-sized
So we've hit the half way point, oh yeah- 5 months.  BabyCenter says that the baby is as long as a banana.  TheBump is telling us that the wee one is about the size of a cantaloupe.  This fruit-scale thing is making me hungry for a Jamba. mmmmmmmmm, Jamba, I wonder if they have a cantaloupe-banana shake.  Would that even be tasty?  I'll have to think on that.  Does that make me weird?  Nah, didn't think so :)

So the bebé, be it boy or girl, is happily growing inside (and apparently poking me every once in a while).  I'm just happy that I'm not a waddler yet.  And that my new momma shorts came in (for some reason it's in the upper 80s outside).  Hello, it's still spring, right?  Can someone please check on that for me? HA!  I just need to summer to hang out over the water for a wee bit longer. YEAH!

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