24 July 2011

2 months to go (hopefully)

So who's brilliant idea was it to start a 6 week, 4 hour, 4 days a week after work AutoCAD class at the local community college when 6 months pregnant? Oh yeah, Ms. Brilliant who's writing this.  Did I mention that I'm still working a full 8 hour day before the class starts?  Oh yeah, still me.  Now the bigger question is: is anyone REALLY surprised? Yeah, I didn't think so.  Good news is that I've got one week left.  Better news is that I have been learning a TON in the class so that's good too.

BabyCenter: the wee one is the weight of 4 naval oranges.
So I'm taking some quiet moments this morning before my beloved wakes up to do all of the random stuff that slips by so easily.  I just finished downloading about four months of pictures off of the camera. I got my email inbox down to just 35 unread messages :).  And I realized I hadn't written since the wee one was the size of a cantaloupe.  Apparently, the wiggly one has grown to the heft of four naval oranges.  Considering I eat about two a day, the baby is probably having a party in there with them.

So as our parentless time is coming to an end, we decided to celebrate our 2nd anniversary with a quick and fun long weekend away in San Diego.  We went to a Bed and Breakfast in the Hillcrest area called, surprisingly enough, the Hillcrest House Bed and Breakfast. Ann, the inn keeper, was super fun and made some REALLY awesome muffins each morning for breakfast... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Oh, did I mention our anniversary weekend happened to fall on San Diego's Big LGBT Pride weekend?  Oh, did I mention Hillcrest is the San Diego equivalent of WeHo here in Los Angeles or the Village in New York? It was awesome!  What I've learned since then, is that middle-aged gay men (at least the ones who love B&Bs for LGBT Pride weekend) LOVE pregnant ladies, especially when it's her first.  Apparently we were just adorable :)
Steve getting all artistic!

As always we took a TON of pictures and I'm hoping to get those up on the photo album.  Unfortunately, that will have to wait.  I hear some stirring in the other room :)  Steve must be waking up.  I'm off to start the day... putting the crib together is on the list. :) I like building things. Should be a good day!

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