05 December 2011

Living Christmas Tree

I am avid reader of the Practically Green Blog and I get their emails and visit their website that offer interesting ways to be more "green".  So far, they have me as a Level Six greenie, which means I'm "Solidly Green".

A few days ago, I got an email detailing ways that I can have a more eco-friendly holiday season.  One of the suggestions included renting a living Christmas tree.  I love Christmas and I very much love my Christmas tree but I have always felt bad about killing a tree each year.  The last few years Steve has been cutting up our Christmas tree for firewood that we use in our fireplace. Unfortunately, last winter wasn't cold enough to warrant so much wood and we still have some of the 2010 tree in our wood pile.  Luckily, one of the companies listed on the website is here in Los Angeles (other cities included Portland and San Diego).  Basically, the company will deliver and pick up the tree before and then after Christmas.  You can decorate it but know that at the end of the season it will get to continue to grow with other trees and hopefully get picked again next year.  My sister thinks I should try to get the same tree year after year.  I'm not sure it quite works that way but I think it's fun that she's excited for me and my kooky eco-warriorness :).

From the Living Christmas
Company Selection
Soooooooooooooo, we just went online and took a look at the selection that the Living Christmas Company had for our area.  Part of the reason that we still have so much firewood from our 2010 tree is that we bought one that was a bit too big for our place.  This year we opted for a smaller tree.  I personally like the smaller tree idea because then it can double as a Chanukkah bush.  It's a stretch but, hey, I'm making it :).  We're still building our ornament collection so the smaller tree works better on that level as well. Lastly, since this is the first year we are trying this rent-a-tree idea, we didn't want to go too big.   We picked their 3-4 foot Cedar, which they call their "Charlie Brown" tree.  I've had a few Charlie Brown trees in my day and this definitely looks nicer than some of the one's I've had.  

It's something new.  I'm excited and I did get 10 Energy and 10 Stuff points on the Practically Green website (small steps to whatever Level 7 is :-D ).  For other ways to be eco-friendly this holiday check out: http://practicallygreen.com/actions/holiday

They deliver our tree this Wednesday.  I'll let you know how it goes.  YEAH!

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