06 December 2011

Long Man Walking

Lone Man Walking
I love taking photos.  That is pretty obvious.  I tend to take lots of photos of my guys.  That is also pretty obvious.  Although I've been photographing Max for about 2 months now, I have been photographing Steve for  years now.  Those of us who know Steve know that he sometimes like to quietly wander off on his own to explore.  This drove my Tia Nelly a bit bonky when we were in Bogotá and Steve would wander off on his own.  He was easy to spot in the crowd and at this point, I'm pretty used to it.  :)

From this habit of Steve's was born my idea for a series of photographs that I've been calling "Lone Man Walking".  Much like "From Mama's Phone" it is an ongoing series that is constantly growing.  Pictures include those from our honeymoon, road trips, and even random day trips we take.  You can find the album here: http://pgobiren.shutterfly.com/1475.  ENJOY!

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