02 January 2012

The MisAdventures of Minky

Max and his Minky
Those of you who hang out with Max or have seen any number of pictures of him have noticed that he generally is hanging out with his monkey attached pacifier (or his Minky).  Minky was a present from his Tia Cathy and he LOVES it.  So much so that washing Minky and waiting for him to dry out in the sun was a tense hour for Max.  I gave up and returned the mostly dry Minky to Max to end the freak out.  Now that he can grab things, he mostly likes to grab Minky and wave him around.

So it's pretty obvious that this kiddo is attached to his Minky.  This past Saturday the family packed up to go to the farmer's market.  We got there and Max was about half fallen asleep.  I left Minky in his mouth while I put him in the carrier I use for the market.  Steve and I walked around for a while doing the normal shopping when we met up with some friends at the market.  You can imagine my PANIC when our friend made some comment about Max gnawing on the carrier strap.  I looked down at Max and saw there was NO MINKY!  ARG!

I left Steve with the shopping and started retracing my steps (super thankful that Max hadn't realized Minky was gone since he was still gnawing on the carrier strap).  I was almost back to the car (seriously bummed that I had lost Minky).  Just as I am about back to the car I hear over the loud speaker a very odd announcement.    All moms were asked to pay attention because someone had dropped off a pacifier with a monkey attached to it at the information desk.  The gentlemen making the announcement sounded pretty confused as he was describing what I realized was Minky.  I RAN to the information desk yelling, "it's mine, it's mine." Folks were getting out of my way and I ran with Max in his carrier (making for a bit of a cranky Max) to the information desk.  The market director knows us and was laughing at me when I came running up.  She handed over Minky to Max who was super happy to see him.  He never noticed that Minky was ever missing but he was still happy to have him back!  Yeah, the farmer market workers saved Minky and we finished our shopping with Max happily sucking on Minky the whole time! :)

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