01 January 2012

Max's First Christmas

Max's First Christmas
In the middle of Max's first Hanukkah, we got to celebrate his very first Christmas.  I had lots of fun opening up all of his presents for him.  I don't think he minded as long as he got to drool on all of the presents once I had them out of the wrapping.  He was an absolute hit at Christmas mass in his Christmas outfit, provided by Nona (thanks, Nona!) All of the singing put him to sleep - a major bonus considering mass lasted about two hours.  After church, we headed out to his great-grandmother's for Christmas early dinner catered by Canter's Deli.  To be fair the Christians were outnumbered by Jewish folk so it makes sense that it would be catered by the nearby Jewish deli :). TONS of food later, we finally took our little guy home to cap off the night with the lighting of the menorah.  We are truly getting this Chrismukkah (or Hanumas) down!

We took a whole bunch of pictures throughout this Chrismukkah.  You can find the photographs here: http://pgobiren.shutterfly.com/1820.  Enjoy!

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