29 January 2012

The Nerve...

The nerve of some people...

I am no stranger to being picked on.  I was called "butterball" pretty much until the 8th grade.  I get it, I didn't really fit in any one group, which is how I became the nerdy song group jock in high school.  :)


So, I'm at Trader Joe's (who can beat 19 cent bananas?) and this mom comes up to me and Max, who was in his stroller.  She has her wee one in a carrier strapped to herself.  She tells me how cute Max is and then asks me how old he is.  I told her that he's four months old.  Her response: "On my god, he's huge!" I was a little taken aback and asked her how old her little one was.  He's a a teeny tiny seven months old.  He was smaller than Max but I didn't think that warranted calling over husband from the other end of the aisle.  She told him that Max was four months old.  I swear to whatever deity you believe in, he made this snorting noise and looked like he smelled something horrible when he said "oh my god, why is he so huge?"

First off, Max is not huge (as anyone who has seen him can attest to).  Second of all, their kid looked like he hadn't eaten in a few days.  Lastly, although I saw these folks in a grocery store, it looked like the mom hasn't eaten in a while either. Soooooooooo, as this couple continued to stare at us like we were from outer space.  I collected myself and looked right at the guy giving me the disgusted face and said really slow. YOU ARE SO RUDE.  He scoffed and I walked away.

Seriously? Who walks up to someone tells them that their kid is cute, calls the kid huge, and then calls over their husband so they can bask in the hugeness of the kid.  Seriously?  I get that this is L.A. but seriously?  Seriously?

So I did what any respectable Jersey Girl would do in this situation.  I got in my car and called my sister to tell off the dodo couple from Trader Joe's.  We trash talked them the whole ride home.  I felt much better :)

Pick on me, I don't care.  Pick on my wee one... they are lucky I just called them rude. HA! :-P

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