18 February 2012

Max, the Baby MacDaddy

The Little Papi Chulo
I have been super excited with how well Max has taken to the whole day care scenario.  He pretty much has all of his teachers cooing for him once we walk through the door.  Some of his teachers even give him extra goodbye hugs when it is time to go home.  But apparently that is not enough, my Max has been working his Baby MacDaddy skills on some of the other "ladies" in the classroom.  A few weeks ago I noticed that he had one toddler super excited when she saw him in the mornings and I even found them holding hands one day when I went to go pick him up.  This past week I had this first little girl and now a second little girl follow me in from the toddler room and were all over him as soon as I put him down (even though he was still in this car seat).  All Max does is smile and these two little girls start the gigglefest.  It's so cute.  Keep in mind, Max is still not mobile. He can barely sit up on his own but he has these two super cutie toddlers following around anyone who happens to be holding him.  The little guy is 4 months old and he's attracting the ladies and older ladies at that.  I've taken to calling his little friends his cougars which his morning teacher thinks is hilarious.  My little papi chulo is already causing trouble. :)

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