10 January 2012

Surviving the First Week of Working Mommyhood

For a full week I've been getting up every morning and kissing my two guys goodbye before heading off to work.  The first few days weren't too bad.  I missed my little guy but Steve has been sending me picture of Max throughout the day.  It also helped that Max was asleep in the mornings when I headed out.  Unfortunately, the last two days he's been awake and ready to play.  Having to leave him when he's awake and so happy has definitely been the hardest thing for me.  It has helped that when I get home he's happy and ready to play (hopefully not realizing that I've been missing for the last few hours).  Steve has one more week of his time off with Max then I won't get my daily pictures for him.  We're getting ready for his day caring, labeling galore!  So far, I'm getting used to the working mommy world.  In a week, once we introduce daycare, I know we will have to readjust again.  In the meantime, Max seems happy and that's all that matters :)

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