25 March 2012

6 months ago today...

Napping in his own room
Six months ago tonight I met my wiggly one face to face. Seriously, six months... WOW. It has definitely gone by quickly as often as it has gone by slowly. We started off our day with a Skype call to Max's Godparents (we're using Max's baptism as an excuse for a mini-vacation back east). We went through all of his clothes to figure out what needed to go into the "too small" bin and what could come out of the "Auntie" bin. TiTi Cathy and Aunt Anna have made many contributions to the Auntie bin and we are super thankful for Coby's and Evan's sharing :)! Lastly, we moved Max's crib into his own room. We've had two naps in there so far so he hasn't seemed to notice a difference. It's been a rainy Sunday so we've been doing all of rainy day chores. Not the most exciting way to celebrate his first six months but he is at least wearing clothes that fit him.

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  1. To answer the question I have been getting.... No, I do not know why he sleeps with his arms stuck straight out. He's either curled up in a little ball or splayed out. There is no in between with him :)