20 March 2012

Finding the "Me" time

I didn't get married and start my family until I was in my early thirties (when do the mid-thirties start anyway? I'm 33, that's still early thirties, right? HA!).  As a result of this "later" start to the whole family thing, I spent my early adulthood, being my own boss.  I decided what I did, where I went, with whom I hung out.  I still have that freedom but I now need to consider these two other folks that are in my life.  I like to think that I'm not TERRIBLY selfish but I do enjoy my "me" time be it hitting snooze an extra few times in the morning or my workout time with buddies.  It's part of this massive juggling act that is called being a working momma.  So I can go out with the girls for massive Umami burgers (I took the wiggly one to give Steve his night off).  I can also hit the gym on my nights off but I also like to be home to cook dinner for my guys.  So on I go... juggle juggle juggle... It's okay to be a bit selfish every once in a while :-) I think I'm getting the hang of it... sort of :-)

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