05 April 2012

Team BeachBody April Photo Challenge- Day 5 - Athletic Shoes

I have two pairs of shoes that I use primarily during my work outs- a pair of general white sneakers and my Vibram five finger shoes.  Which shoe I use is pretty much determined by rooting around under my bed until I have a complete set.  This morning, I found my second sneaker before my second Vibram so that the sneakers won a trip into the gym bag.  

I started wearing Vibrams a few years back for walking around.  I realized that they were great for yoga, when I didn't want to go barefoot.  I then started wearing them every day and so it made sense to wear them for work outs as well since my feet were getting used to being free.  Unfortunately, during my pregnancy I outgrew my Vibrams in the last few months.  My toes wouldn't fit into their individual toe holders any more.  Now that the little bugger is out and I'm trying to get my body back into a pre-preggo shape, I've started wearing the Vibrams again and reincorporating them into my workouts.  Who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll find that second Vibram first.  :)

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