10 April 2012

Team BeachBody April Photo Challenge- Day 10 - Goals

In all of the groups that I've worked out with have always talked about having a Goal Collage or an Inspiration Collage.  I like the idea of getting "back on top" for my goal.  I used to do a lot of walking and hiking.  In the last few years, I haven't been able to get out there as much as I'd like to.  Part of why I want to get back in shape is to get my butt back onto the trails and back up the hills and mountains of SoCal.  A fun run here and there is good too, hence my including my Warrior Run Shot (beer and all)!

A shorter term goal (to make sure, I take some baby steps): I want to workout at the gym at least 3x a week and get in at least 2 vegetarian days in a week.  :)  GO TEAM!

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