14 April 2012

Team BeachBody April Photo Challenge- Day 11 - Ingredient (Make Up)

So unfortunately my two goobers have been feeling under the weather which means that my computer time has been severely reduced in the last few days.  I've fallen behind in my photo challenge but I intend on catching up this weekend.... hopefully... as long as everyone stays all better.


Day 11's photo was "Ingredient".  My FAVORITE ingredient, which goes into practically everything I make, is the mushroom.  My love of mushrooms is definitely an adult thing.  As a child, I would laboriously remove any mushrooms out of food that I ate.  The local Chinese restaurant where we would get always served a ton of mushrooms  in the chicken chow mien my mom would order us. It would drive my mom bonky watching me pile all of the mushrooms up before I would eat the rest of my food.

Something clicked sometime during college.  Not only did I stop avoiding mushrooms at all costs, I actually started enjoying them.  Now, I can't get enough... So my FAVORITE ingredient- MUSHROOMS! 

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