03 June 2012

Fallen off the face of the Planet

No, No.  That hasn't happened to me yet, gravity is still at work keeping me grounded.  I'm just trying to work on the new juggle.  By now, you know me - if I don't have ten balls in the air I start to feel restless.  So what have I added to the mix - Softball.  Have I ever even played softball, you ask. Of course not, when has that ever stopped me in the past.  I'm learning- I bought a pair of cleats, been hitting the batting cages, and finally broke down and bought a glove today.

Why softball, you may ask?  Well there is strange satisfaction that comes with swinging a bat as hard as you can, even if all you are hitting is your left arm :)  But seriously? Some folks from work asked if I was interested and I thought, why not.  So, why not?  It's fun.  The folks are interesting. And I actually hit the ball for the first time last week (granted, I almost hit the umpire with the bat about two seconds later).  :)

It's just another ball up in the air and I'm still enjoying myself.  So, why not?  Exactly!

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