25 June 2012

Seriously, what's with the running?

HA!  To say that I'm a bit random would be not untrue :)  but how the running bug got stuck in my bonnet is actually an interesting story.  Sooooooooooo, here goes....

As many of you know, I am a geologist (supporting the "Pao is a bit random" theory).  So part of my seriously-super-cool-yo job is that I get to oversee when these big hulky guys bring these huge hulky drill rigs onto a Property and we do our thing.  This past week, I was drilling out where the sun shines (constantly... seriously, no shade).  I was hiding out in the back seat of the company truck which someone else had recently used.  I found in the door pocket a running magazine.  The guys when on a lunch break so I started reading the magazine while I waited for them to get back.  I read a tribute article about Michah True how had recently passed.  I remember reading about him in the book Born to Run by Christoper McDougall.  I had seen McDougall on The Daily Show and thought he was cool so I read his book.  The idea of running barefoot lead me to the Vibram FiveFinger phenomenom and the purchase of my own pair of Vibrams (which Steve loves to call my "feet shoes").  Three years later I finally bought my second pair of Vibrams having seriously worn out the first pair.  I realized, "hey, I haven't run in these yet."

So sitting in the back of a company truck, hiding from the sun on a lunch break, I read an article in a random magazine one of my co-workers left behind and WALA, I'm running again.  See?  It all makes sense... :) sort of... sure it does!  :)


  1. OMG, I've seen those Vibram shoes! I was always concerned whether I would get hurt if I accidentally stepped on something sharp while wearing them.

    1. I have stepped on sharp stuff and you definitely feel it but I actually have that come up too often. They do have thicker bottomed shoes for more hiking/trailing activities :)