31 October 2012

Watermelon Fiasco of Halloween 2012

Soooooooooooooooooooooo.  (Don't you just love it when a story starts with a long "So".) The goober was all packed, in costume, on route to the car for daycare and Halloween party.  As it is, I end up with a bunch of bags every morning I take him to daycare.  I have my purse, his diaper/clothes bag, my lunchbag, his lunchbag, and, of course, the goober himself.  Last night, I had to bring some work home so I also had my backpack.  Adding the crazy bag-lady look I was carrying the bowl of watermelon that my lovely hubby had cut up for the kiddo's Halloween party.  I made it half way to the car when the wee one decided he wanted to drum on the lid of the watermelon bowl.  It was not ideal but not really too much of a problem. UNTIL.... he decide he wanted the bowl.  He grabbed. We struggled.  The bowl lost.  The lid flew in one direction.  Some watermelon escape the bowl when it hit the ground. Goober is SCREAMING.


So I put down the goober.  Lid up the bowl with the watermelon that's left. Clean up the melon as best I could with a screaming goober (the planter will have lots of nice organic material to break down today).  And, to tried to calm aforementioned screaming goober.  Luckily, a neighbor came by with her son.  He grabbed all of the bags. She got the bowl.  I grabbed the wee one.  He seriously, cried the whole way to daycare.  I think he was more upset about the lost watermelon than anything.  Kiddo seriously loves the watermelon... :)
Happy Halloweeny, Everyone!

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