27 November 2013

And so the Holidays are upon us...

Every year there is a small argument... is it Chrismakkah or Chanumas?  For obvious reasons, I lobby for Chrismakkah and some of my Jewish friends lobby for Chanumas.  This year for the first time (and not again for about 70,000 years according to our PJ Library newsletter) we have Thanksgivikkah!  Which means we can table the Chrismakkah/Chanumas until next year.  It also means Chanukkah has snuck up again on me this year.  AH! It starts tonight.  That sneaky sneaky holiday, I always forget that whatever day the holiday is on my calendar, it starts the night before.

So yay for Thanksgivikkah!  I'll have a few weeks break and then we get to do it all over again for Christmas!  Whoo!


Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Chanukkah!
Happy Thanksgivikkah!

Gobble Tov!

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