13 December 2013

All I learned from my first two weeks back at work....

So we made it through my first week back at work.  It'll be interesting to see how we find a new balance in the next few weeks.  

  • It is entirely possible, although not advisable, to carry a pump, bookbag, purse, 2 lunch boxes, 2 daycare bags, and a baby in her bucket seat while holding the Goober's hand down to the car in one trip. 
  • The Goober turns into Miss Wiggly's bodyguard in the big kid room.  He determines who gets access to Miss Wiggly when we are picking him up from the big kid room.  Not surprisingly, the little girls in his class get more access than the little boys.  He is getting better and knocking less of them down during his crowd control.  
  • No matter how quietly I get ready in the morning, Miss Ninja Ears is up within 5 minutes.  
  • The Goober should always be second of the kiddos to get ready.  If he's ready first, out come the toys and the "what do you mean I have to put my toys away to go to school" tantrum. 
  • Your coworkers will pilfer your toolbox while you are gone and it takes a few days for it all to find its way back home. 
  • You will misdial everyone's extensions for at least three days.  
  • If the Goober sees his tricycle he will want to ride his tricycle around the block even if it is already dark.  
  • The Goober only wants to hold my hand when I don't have a hand available to hold.  
  • There is no worse hat hair than hardhat hair. Great ego boost when the kiddos comment on my bad hair day.  
  • Few things will phase a big rig driller. One of things is forgetting and then remembering what I am doing on my "pumping break". Ha!  
We are getting a grove going and at this point that is all I can ask for. Well that and for the Goober to not swipe my tangerines out of my lunch bag. Baby steps :)

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