21 December 2010

A case of too much Birthday

The other day I was reading a Bearenstain Bears book to Sophia about too much birthday.  Basically the little girl bear has a little too much birthday= mini bear meltdown.  Although I had awesome birthday weekend :)  I did overdo it when it came to my food this weekend, ala the office Holiday potluck on Friday and then feasting at the Melting Pot on Saturday and the TGIF's lunch on Sunday with the girls.  Needless to say the scale told a sad sad story.  But that is okay,  I am back on my healthy wagon and am working on my Shakeology Cleanse (I'm on day 2 of a 3-day program- whoo hoo!) and I've been doing my Turbo Fire. At least I did yesterday and this morning.  I'll be headed over to Allan's tonight for some more Fire of the Turbo variety.  Whoo hoo!  YEAH BIRTHDAY WEEKENDS! (and the week after when you have to make up for the decadence of said birthday weekend :)  heehee)

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