21 December 2010

Round 2, Days 22/23

I'll be honest, the first round was lots easier than the second.  You would think that I would have gotten used to the rigors of my daily exercise but alas, that is not the case.  I had my very favorably planned Rest day on Friday (just in time for the holiday potluck at work and the general birthday weekend food mayhem) before extending that rest day through Saturday and Sunday (doh).  But I am back in gear (especially after visiting Greg on Saturday- he should be done with his Round 1 any day now --- AND LOOKING GREAT, GREG!)

So I got my lazy butt moving and decided to the the Turbo Fire EZ 55 to get myself back in the game.  It's a great workout but definitely more manageable than one of the HIIT workouts.  Some folks say that the TurboFire workouts are a bit "cheerleadery" but I enjoy them.  I'm sure it helps that I was a cheerleader back in the day (Seriously, who is surprised by that?--- NO ONE! hahaha).  For this week, I'm trying out the 5 day Inferno workout plan to compliment my Skakeology cleanse.  I figured it went well together.  I'll be mixing the P90X in some more next week!  BRING IT!

Yesterday's Workout
Program: Turbo Fire
Workout: Fire 55 EZ
Length: 55 minutes
Time: Evening
Place: Home
Buddies: None

Next Workout: HIIT 20, Fire 45 EZ (at Allan's), Stretch 10

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