16 December 2010

Round 2, Day 21 - Trying HIIT for the first time

So, HIIT.  Yep, I tried HIIT for the first time.  I got my tush handed to me in a 15 minute workout out.  Needless to say the HIIT 20 and HIIT 25 workouts are going to be interesting.  So HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  As always Wikipedia has lots of good info.  The Turbo Fire version is super intense but for short periods of time.  You go 100% with jacks and jumps and lunges with quick recovery periods in between.  For the 15 minute workout, it's six high intensity intervals.  By the third one I was thinking that I should have paced myself a little better but then didn't back down on the energy.  This is an awesome quickie workout and the 10 minute stretch that follows really helps to bring the heart rate back down.  I'm completely wiped but am feeling great after my first HIIT workout!  :)

Today’s Workout
Program: Turbo Fire
Workout: HIIT 15, Stretch 10
Length: 25 minutes
Time: Evening
Place: Home
Buddies: None

Next Workout: OH YEAH!  I get to take my birthday and REST on it :) WHOO HOO!!! :)  See you Saturday!

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