14 December 2010

Fallen Off and Back onto BeachBody Wagon

WTHeck!  Paola, where did you go for a week?

I did go MIA for about a week (back in gear today) I had the perfect storm with regards to my life getting in the way of my life.  Starting with working myself too hard (yes, working your body too hard actually is worse for you in the long run) I gave myself a wicked Migraine for two days.  If you have never had a migraine, trust me when I say you are one of the luckiest person I ever met.  Of course with the end of the year slam we are having at work, there is no time for me to take off time.  It's not like I am contagious so there really wasn't much grounds for taking off of work.  So overworked body + migraines (a wee one is still hanging out)+ super late nights at work to finish up my reports (I only have 2 left for this week- whoo hoo) = me not sleeping much, eating much, or even seeing Steve much in his awake mode which = not much working out.  Sooooooooooooooo, knowing that I wasn't getting much exercise, I tried to at least keep my food intake in check.  I think I did okay with that.  I'll have to up the food intake again now that I'll be working out again.

Yeah, back on the BeachBody Wagon... hoping not to go flying off of it again anytime soon :)

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