05 December 2010

Volunteering on my "Rest Day" - Project Angel Food and Divine Design

Yeah!  The weekend.  I rewarded myself with a "Rest" day on Saturday.  I call it a rest day because I didn't do an official workout but I did volunteer at the Divine Design Shopping Day on Saturday (It ends on Monday, December 6th- so check it out!).  I did say that I would help out wherever I was needed.  Apparently, I was needed in the designer/luxury area.  All who know me, KNOW that I know diddly squat about designer clothes.  Although I did offend one customer because I didn't know her personal friend (who was a designer), I did fake it well enough for most folks (either that or they were being very kind).  Even though the gowns were for the super tiny and thin of the world, those things get HEAVY (seriously why does sequin weigh so much?). But 5 hours of rearranging gowns (those things don't like staying on their hangers), carrying gowns, lunging after clothes being thrown over the dressing room wall (seriously? - raised in a barn I see), and chasing after two little girls (whose mom didn't seem to really think it was an issue to have the girls try to climb up the $3,000 on the rack) was a serious workout but I'll still call it a rest day.  I very much enjoyed myself and even bought some fancy soap for Steve (a good Hanukkah present) and a lunch bag for myself.  It's a great event and an awesome charity!  

If you missed the Divine Design event this year (last day on Monday!) I would definitely recommend it next year and would also definitely recommend helping out Project Angel Food (who benefits from the Divine Design events).  They are doing great things for people who really need our help.  I'm planning on volunteering with them more regularly in the new year.  I may try to squeeze in one morning before the end of this year.  If you'd like to join me or want additional information let me know or check out the Project Angel Food page.

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